AGM 2020 - date to be confirmed with 14 days notice

As the AGM had to be postponed for Covid reasons, the committee are planning to re-schedule when government guidelines permit, members will be informed of the date with at least 14 days notice.
Here in the meantime is the agenda for the meeting:

1. Apologies for absence: Charles Trollope
2. To approve the Minutes and Matters arising from the IGTC
AGM held on 9th February, 2019
3. Chairman’s Report
4. Officer’s Reports: Secretary (Welfare Officer)
Membership Secretary
Wealden League
5. To present the Annual Accounts for approval and adoption
6. To re-elect Charles Trollope as Examiner of Accounts
7. Annual Compliance report for Trustees
8. To elect a new Chairman
9. To re-elect those on the Committee who have agreed to stand again, including the Secretary, Treasurer and Membership Secretary, to appoint Laura Bursey Faulkner as Safeguarding/Welfare Officer and invite any other names to go forward
10. Motions to the AGM (which will not require the usual 28 days notice)
11. AOB

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